i went to the beach again today. it rained. i got wet. but that was ok! i had a great time. and i learned that if you always look at the ground, you might not stumble as much, but you’ll ALWAYS miss the scenery.

i have an appointment with my guidance counselor on thursday. oh joy college.

i have an appointment with my neurologist sometime soon. oh joy brains. (on the upside of this, kiska works on the neurology floor of SBUH, or at least she did last year. my doctor works on the neurology floor of SBUH- which means there is a miniscule chance that i could run into her there)

i need an appointment with my wrist doctor man. but there is no joy there. i hate him.

and i think that’s enough appointments for the rest of eternity. seriously. im really looking forward to getting them all out of the way.
and yes, of course i’ll tell you what happens with all of them. starting with the one on thursday.
love and miss you all!
ps. i picked a senior solo song. i think im in love.
pps. i stopped taking antibiotics- my lump is almost gone 🙂