so, about 2 weeks ago now, i woke up one morning and there was a lump about the size of a pea on the back of my neck where it connects to my head. and it hurt. so i lived with it for a few days, then i showed it to dr. mom and she said that i was pretty much a wuss and i should suck it up. so i did, and eventually the pea went away. about 2 days after the disappearance of the mysterious pea, i noticed that it literally felt like i had pulled a muscle in my chin… it hurt to lift my head up too high and when i chewed anything very big. then i felt it, and felt that the area was a little swollen. i decided to ignore it. after about a week (aka, 2 days ago), the swollen soreness had turned into a hard ball about the size of a golf ball under my chin. honestly, i look like i have a double chin. so finally, yesterday, i showed my new golf ball growth to dr. mom. she did not tell me to suck it up, but instead told me that i should have shown her sooner (um, hello, i did with the neck thing lol) and said that i have an infection and my glands are swelling up. MY GLANDS ARE THE SIZE OF A GOLF BALL AND I DONT EVEN FEEL SICK! how cool is that! anyway, i started taking some mega huge antibiotics this morning, and if im not better by wednesday (when and dad leave for germany) then more drastic action (involving what, i do not know) will be taken.
personally, i think its amazing. im super sick and i couldnt even tell! isnt that awesome?!
i wish you all could rub the bottom of my chin and feel the amazingness of the lump. but you may just have to take my word for it.