so, in case you hadnt noticed, ive been far far away for the past seven weeks in a little bubble i like to call camp. camp this year was… not at all what i expected, but still an awesome way to spend the summer, as it always is. i finished the camper in leadership training program, so for the last 3 weeks i was there i was a junior counselor which was oodles of fun too. i counseled 3rd and 4th grade girls, which was a learning experience but also a blast (i loved my whole division and cant imagine making it through the summer without all of them). i learned a ton this summer… about myself, about God (of course), and about other people… made many many new friends (and got to hang out with some amazing people who i already knew but never get to see!). i was also very sick a lot, worse than at home (no i didnt admit that at camp because i didnt want people worrying) which was no fun, but hopefully ill be going to see the doctor again soon, because ive had a headache for 2 weeks straight now. and while we discovered this summer that i really dont get grumpy ever, i am much less energetic and fun to be around when i am not feeling well.
anyway. thats the lame-o update meant to tell you all that i am once again home, and will be accessible by phone and email and im now. please, if youd like to hear a more in detail update of my summer, call! love you all.