hola amigos! so. lots has been going on. but i dont really want to talk about lots. i want to talk about this week. because it was a party.

monday i had my second to last dance class of the year. we are getting new costumes because costume companies are stupid and the other ones were ugly anyway lol.

tuesday i had my last drivers ed! we went to starbucks and washed the car. then i changed at the school into pretty clothes and was abducted into national honor society. woohoo

then wednesday i stayed after tenth and chilled with kyle, and then jenn gave me a ride home and we caught up halfway from the week since we had talked… then i went home and got to chill (no way, rachel had downtime?!) and then kyle came over and asked if i wanted to go for a walk… and then jenn came over and we made a starbucks run until pretty late lol. and we finished catching up ❤

thursday was the satellite end of the year party- our team got destroyed in dodgeball, we ate lots of chips and burgers, i got to see ky for the first time in forever and we DIDN’T cry! i stink at volleyball, and i managed to stay completely dry (thank you very much)

friday i came home from school and was all headachey and blah and didnt really want to go see macbeth, but cesca called so i figured i should go… and then i ended up having a good time! we met up at the school, my mother decided to leave things to the last minute as usual but i think it ended up ok 🙂 then we got to talk a bit before the show which was hard to follow and really creepy but very well done.

yesterday… gosh i can’t even remember what i did in the morning lol… but at like 5:45 i went over to bart and jenny’s to babysit for my future husband, sir william. and deals came over to help because there were two other little boys too and trinity… we had a blast. the kids were a little crazy and will was kinda fussy, but it was so fun to play with him and catch up with delia a little. i dont like people leaving for college.

today… woke up late, showered in like 30 seconds before church, went to church, the fire alarm went off during second service, i went to two receptions and a barbeque afterwards…washed like 600 dishes in my very own selfmade potsink (love!) and got home around 3, when jenn came to pick me up and take me back to her house to do math homework and then i came home and practiced parallel parking because ive scheduled my roadtest and it would be lovely if i could pass that.
so here we are! waffles for dinner tonight. im excited.
5 more days of classes… i cannot believe how fast this year went. im done with all SAT’s and SAT II’s forever… in 2 weeks ill be done with regents exams forever… this time next year ill be done with high school forever

scary biscuits.