sigh. i should really be studying for ap exams, but first i wanted to update on here. first of all, i just finished (ok like month ago, but still) an amazing book called Under The Overpass by Mike Yankoski. i loved it- read it for yourself. here is a passage that really struck me:

“Psalm 34:18 says, ‘The LORD is close to the brokenhearted.’ I wondered if pretending you’re not broken keeps God at a distance.”

for real. go get the book.

SECONDLY! sean michel- the crazy bearded guy from american idol is going to be playing with his band at my church on thursday night. PLEASE COME! it’ll be fun. i promise. 5 bucks at the door- and if you cant afford that, ill pay for you.

and lastly, an update 🙂
i LOVE this time of year. it fills me up and reminds me that God IS good! waking up to hearing birds singing is amazing. Although, this morning i awoke to the surprise of the century: i have a black eye. no joke, its a little one, but its really swollen and purple (which none of you would have noticed as i covered it as much as possible with makeup today). theories on how it came into existence include but are not limited to:
1. i hit myself in my sleep
2. i am being abused without my knowledge
3. that time yesterday when i hit myself in the eye with a yoyo actually hurt more than it seemed.

oh well. these things do happen i suppose. hopefully itll be gone in a few days.
in other news, i am crazy busy but crazy crazy happy. like you have no idea. im kind of floating along. 27 more days of school!
ok. i really need to go do homework now. gah. what type of cruel teacher gives projects due during ap week? both my english and spanish teachers, thats who.
love and misses!