Wow, its been a long time since i posted on here. lots of stuff has been going on.
im not really sure how to catch you all up, so i think im going to do it this way- days of the week! yes its been 3 weeks, but ill go with most exciting day of the week 🙂

monday- last night! 10 girls were absent from dance class because its school musical season- and ward melville’s musical is over, so i was there. so what do you call it when you do ballet warmups and only 6 girls show up?! ballet bonding night!!!!! it was muy fun, karaoke and “guest choreography” and ballroom crash-course… haha i had a blast. so much fun to dance “just for fun” again.

tuesday- drivers ed- parallel parking is my newfound gift. seriously.

wednesday- chill day/ american idol- my favorites are gina, melinda (of course), and JORDIN. i love her 🙂

thursday- youth group! which im going to stick youth group retreats in with even though that wasnt on a thursday- pocono plateau was a PARTY… so much fun getting to know everyone, and making estrogen isle (erika, that bra will forever live in infamy…) and being the bridge troll and steal the mattress remix and the nasty crappy food… so much fun.

friday- pioneer girls- so im going to throw camp people in there, even though that wasnt a friday lol. a bunch of camp people drove all the way out to long island last sunday (for which i love you all forever, and next time im coming out to NJ, i promise) for lunch at the brook house and SO much fun- i DONT have an STD, pink sparkly flavor ice cream, home school kids are weird, im naming my next dog beth (after indigo?), wait…. youre leaving? i thought you were, like, joking…, and so much more. i love you all!

saturday- has been unofficial “hang out with kyle” day for the past 2 weeks- saw amazing grace, really good, go see it, and then went to starbucks last week… its been fun re-getting to know him. we’ll see what happens, we’re “taking it slow” for now. and i would like props for that being the most honest i have EVER been on my xanga. thank you, thank you.

sunday- ive had nursery at church… which reminds me of the love of my life, will. will is 4 months old and the most beautiful boy you will ever meet. his pasttimes include drooling on me and giggling and flirting. he is the best dressed man i know, and his family loves me. i cant wait until he’s old enough to ask me to marry him.

so thats my past few weeks in a nutshell… coming up in the next few weeks is trip to arizona/mexico over spring break, trip to chicago on the 19th, trip to boston/gordon the next weekend… reunion with more camp people in the city? and then taking the SAT’s again the first weekend in may. if thats not enough to keep me busy, id like to be able to hang out with my friends at SOME point lol.
i love you all!