I feel like 2006 FLEW by and i’ve barely caught my breath. it was such an amazing year for me in so many ways. but we’re just going to do a quick recap now, or this will be pages long…
Lets see, last year this time, i had just pulled an all nighter with Kyle at Spofford… so many memories there. that was when we first became friends…
ok im just going to bullet things that happened and elaborate if necessary (and try for chronological order lol)
-Winter Blast- finally getting to know Jenny really well
-The birth and death of Core lol
-My super sweet sixteen! so much fun, i wish i had an excuse to wear my tiara again lol
-Chicklet reunion in NYC- million mile long walk, central park zoo, american girl doll look alikes and so much more
-Kyle asks me out at the beach… i say yes
-Finals… all A’s again and school ends- a pretty good school year, i really do like Ward Melville
-“Surprise” going away/ start of summer party for me at erika’s- so much fun to see everyone again
-North Carolina vacation- so many colleges, so little time, meeting family i never knew i had, and fighting with the family i did in fact know i have
-CAMP! For 6 weeks, which, i am going to break up into weeks for memories sake:
-Week 1- First week with Ellie and Phoenix, KAing with the best group ever for the tiniest camp ever, the Jesus game, water fights with CJ, Apples to Apples with soma, “and i’m MOONING everyone!”, “i’m a bellydancer!”
-Week 2- Second Week of Phoenix, Hannah Wagner, finally getting to know the downeys, silly hannah the crip…
-Week 3- Third week of Phoenix!, canoe trip!!, best trip ever, the chair, deep conversations, marco polo and canoes floating away, the swing, our super fit song!, setting up tents in the middle of the night and then being told we’re not allowed to set up tents in a lean to, finishing at 2 and swimming across the lake with Bobbi lifeguarding, the lobster…
-Week 4- First and only week with budgie!, crip and senor fante, waking hannah up for a shower “i dont need a shower im clean!”, christmas in july week (i think) and the best explorer evening activity ever!
-Week 5- first week of cilt, meet all 14 other girls, cilt ols- FIRE and cilt swimming- soma and kiska- most insane class ever, and sports and games with wally- somewhat scary but very fun.
-Week 6- second week of CILT, love all 14 other girls, cilt nature- the ants go marching 15 by 15!, cilt crafts with Ceegee- so many cookies lol, cilt music- songfests with ollie and bean= the best, music/ what was the name of those stick things? loomba or something? with tigger= hysterical- and our beautiful songs lol. EVERYONE PASSES woohoo
-Come home (i love how camp is longer than everything else, but then, everyone who reads this pretty much goes to camp, so we’re good), mum mum and pa are here, spend the last few weeks of summer on the beach and unfortunately doing summer reading. and NOT calling kyle, because he didnt write while i was at camp.
-The fateful doctors appointment- lookie there, she fractured her wrist at camp this summer. lets put on a pretty pink cast. and it helped… not at all lol
-School starts- i have great classes and amazing teachers, 11th grade is supposed to be awful, but we’re almost halfway through and i’m enjoying myself. granted, i havent taken the SAT’s yet, or decided where i want to go to college, or what i want to do with my life…
-Mrs. Steg has anna!
-We (me and erika) make the new lionel and name him memphis
-halloween- the cowgirl and the bug!
-so many fun sweet 16’s
-jenny has a baby- unfortunately not named memphis, but will
-emma gets hurt and comes home from college
-Thanksgiving at home with grandma and grandpa and aunt jane and co.
-shopping on black friday
-fastest december in history
-jackies party!!! camp people!!!
-quiet christmas at home- get lots of things to keep me warm (no joke… ask me about it) no tears from anyone this christmas!
-go into the city to see the producers for my birthday… have a lovelyish time
-soma and ceegee come to visit for my birthday 🙂
-new years eve with jackie su and katie sagona lol and i am SO close to being done with my scrapbook…

yeah thats pretty much the year in review… so much more happened but thats the happy stuff up there :). and now i should really go do some history reading… loves!