it is tuesday and i am home directly after school. No matter that there was not one, but TWO different clubs that i was supposed to go to after school today, and my onlyl excuse was that i had to do a journal entry for english, which i finished because i finished the physics test early. hmmmm… this makes me a slacker. and my excuse once i realized that i didnt want to stay after school even though i now have virtually nothing to do at home was, and i quote, “i don’t need help getting into college.” so now, not only am i a slacker, im also very cocky.
ok, enough rachel bashing šŸ™‚
the play was last weekend, it went a thousand times better than i ever expected… and i am the only stage manager who left uninjured, except Vince, who wasnt really a stage manager- and he’s pretty much injured all the time fromt he amount of drugs he consumes :). anyway, hillary sprained her ankle and Kayleighs wrist started inexplicably swelling to HUGE proportions on saturday- we think she got bit by a spider or something. but anyway, the show was amazing, and i had a great time, and mrs. contino is letting me cut class and taking me out to lunch next monday with hillary and kayleigh. yes, its been a good experience šŸ™‚
i cant believe we can register for camp already… its so early! i have no idea if ill be able to go this summer… we’ll see how things work out (i guess we’d better see soon! lol) I really want to come back and finish CILT though… so hopefully things will work out.
hmm what else is new in rachel land… christmas party at youth group this week- everyones invited, it’ll be really fun! you all should come… free cookies! lol. and me and erika’ll prolly be at seport before hand, if you want to meet us there for dinner.
15 days til i turn 17! 15 days til Robby becomes my permanent chauffeur! 13 days til christmas! 8 days til Jackie turns 16 lol… 8 school days left til break! and yay for christmas music all the time!!
ok thats enough for one post… i cant remember what else is new with me lol.
love you all!