so. life here in stony brook/ setauket has been muy boring these past few weeks…
pretty much school and West Side Story taking over my life. and now its thanksgiving. but i like hate turkey ā¤
umm yeah- buy tickets, come see west side story. now ive done my stage managerly duty šŸ™‚
really, things are great here. im not such a huge fan of this newfound coldness here… but i suppose ill get over myself, its only november. i cant wait until its appropriate time for christmas music (eg FRIDAY!)
i also cant wait for christmas. and then my birthday- because i love giving and getting presents, and the fact that robby will be able to drive me places (no i will not be getting my lisence).
in other news i love life. this shouldnt be news though šŸ™‚
……………… yeah theres more but i dont feel like sharing ……………….
enjoy your break all!
and i would just like to thank meagan for the best game of never have i ever of my LIFE!

“I used to believe in forever, but forever is too good to be true.”
~Winnie The Pooh
ps- i HIGHLY recommend Finding God Beyond Harvard- its great. if you decide to read it, talk to me about it! id love to discuss it with you šŸ™‚