And i STILL dont have anything to say. except that i finished reading searching for god knows what and it was really good, but not as good as blue like jazz… still, i highly recommend both. if you want to borrow, i have. just ask!

andddd im sick. but again, this is nothing new. lifes been pretty boring lately… its almost halloween and i have no plans. this is very depressing. so if you have plans and would like to include me (and you live in this state lol) i’d most likely LOVE to join you!

ok thats really all i have to say. life rocks.
and im not in the mood for a poohism today, sorry šŸ™‚

because that was the lamest xanga entry EVER, i shall add more
i DO sort of have plans for halloween
and… im sort of very sick- and im not going to be better for a long time, so if you could pray for me, that would be great. honestly, its not that bad, i dont feel that awful most days. its just kind of sad that my goal every day is to wake up feeling the same as i did the day before- instead of feeling worse. but nothing lethal, so dont worry about me too much :). god has a plan for this too- im just not sure where its going yet, and its making it hard for me to make any plans- if ive cancelled on you suddenly in the past few days (esp. jackie at PG) im SO sorry, i really was not feeling well, i promise. as for plans in the future- i cant guarantee ill be anywhere, im sorry. i promise i dont hate you if i say i cant hangout, or if i call to say im not feeling well- im really not.
and in other life news- i think being sick makes me irritable, and thus i havent been the happiest of campers the past few days, but im working on that :). i love you all!