i fell like i have a the best friends in the world, and a bunch of people have been doing this on myspace, where they take 16 people and write about them and they have to guess which one is them. im gonna do it here, with basically everyone who is subscribed to me, because i love you ALL and i cant pick just 16 šŸ™‚ so find yourself, friends!! because i really do love you
so here goes (in the order you show up on my page, not order of importance):
1. youre the funnest ever, but youre IN JAPAN THIS YEAR. i miss you so much, the show just isnt going to be the same without you šŸ˜¦
2. you are the coolest wannabe cilt ever, and i cant wait to watch you do cilt next year!! i had fun watching you clean the bathrooms this year lol, and i love your smile šŸ™‚
3. oh my goodness. my ladle is bigger than your ladle. oh no, girls, look at all the pudding thats leftover! I GUESS WE’LL JUST HAVE TO EAT IT! and so many more inside jokes. you are my favorite person from horseheads ny, i love your duct tape skirt, i miss you like woah. hugs and misses!!
4. toy- (insert name here)! youre too cute for words, and i cant believe ive known you since chipmunk with the what was it, 37 thingys of milk? craziness… miss you!!!
5. (insert name here)- a- lam!! friends since 3rd grade IG, goodness its been a long time. haha remember that 3rd grade sleepover for my birthday where everyone ended up crying and casey ended up sleeping upstairs? man, good times… i love you!! and sorry my xanga is too pink for you- its not even pink anymore!!!
6. aww i love you!! youre too cute- we should hang out at se port and end up painting church bulletin boards more often. and jobs are overrated- i dont care if you have the coolest job ever (which btw you kind of do), satellite is MUY more important. soooo basically i miss seeing you!!
7. hey, i didnt know you were subscribed to me! well, youre an awesome ex- cilt, now counselor. haha, threatening me with death if i dont pass, or ESPECIALLY if i dont come back next year (dont worry i will). and sorry for the amount of times i said your real name this summer- whoops!!
8. you had the best sweet 16 ever this weekend. thats all i have to say.
9. awww my camp mommy!! i love you forever, and i will always be your little punk. i miss you mucho, and i need you all the time!! so many memories- story time, cilt water safety class, chicklets!, welcoming you into the dining hall with the resounding “hi mother hen”… ah yes, mama i miss you.
10. kikaluka!! i sort of just said your name but whatever. ah man, memories from bio with anne… good times. you realize i havent been in any of your classes since then? craziness… honarary asian culture club member lol. jebidiah loves you!
11. oh my. my favorite nebraskan friend, i missed you at camp this summer! i loved watching you do cilt 1, and being part of your early morning bible studies. i love your cowboy hat… i love how enthusiastic you are about everything… i love how much you focus on god in everything. and mostly, i miss you!!!!!
12. whoa, its the xanga that i magically found!! letssee- you went to stony brook for a year or two, then moved back to wisconsin or whatever it was… but not before i had a chance to tickle you to death, put lots of snow down your shirt and break the cot you slept on on connect. and overheat your room MAJORLY lol. and you gave me permanent scars from steal the mattress, and threw me into a snow drift. i miss you!
13. ah my favorite!! i love that your nickname comes from a typo i made. that makes me so happy. i love canoe trips with you, and raisin wars and life stories and decorating the cabin all chicklety and everything!!! and camp reunions in the city- so many memories!!
14. sui!! lol, well, we’ve known each other forever, and lets see, your parents left you at my house on friday night while we played mastermind (ORANGE!!). and umm yeah, we have quite a history lol. love you!!
15. tyler bear. that was the first thing that came to my mind when i saw your name. how is tyler, by the way? did you get him fixed? and are you cilting with me again next summer?! i love you!!!
16. i. love. you. and all your strangeness- your duct tape fixations, you dancing around as the relient k penguin, etc etc. i miss you chica!!
17. ok im skipping some people… my baby!! cutie #1, shmoopsie poo, lovey, etc. i love you mucho!! i would never dream of bra shopping with anyone else lol, i love hanging out with your family, and i love that your mom always thinks its going to shock me when your house is slightly messy. seport thursdays are the best and the alex table and tori table and buying random cookies and always owing each other money. and i hate you in a mean way, kik. and i feel like doing something illegal today. and lionel and MEMPHIS!! and so many more. theres really no way for me to put all our inside jokes in here, but just know that youre my favorite ever.

and people who arent subscribed but i KNOW read my xanga:
18. intense!! always sharing the bunk at camp with our HUGE mess of stuff taking over the cabin and having no problems with looking through each others stuff in order to find our own, and the week 3 trip with you- life stories!! and the CHAIR STEALING CANOE- represent!! i miss you, my favorite identical twin whos name begins with a k!! lol
19. you are mad fit, my portaging partner!! and you dont come after your sister because youre second in my heart, but because youre older and kt needs to be first in something lol. man, so many memories- the 2 man capers team lol. you are an amazing scraper by the way. and keeping srah from freaking out when she was finding out if she was going to graduate cilt- that was a scary braid lol. we should have taken pictures. i love you!!

umm ok if anyone else reads my xanga, yeah. comment and ill add you to this lovely list.