goodness me, i cant believe its been 2 weeks already! well, the cast came off… yay for that! and west side story is starting up- im stage managing, which basically means contino owns my life for the next 3 months- ish. woohoo!!

lets see- what else has happened… dad left, came home, mom left, came home… nothing too exciting there. marching band started (and i cut practice today… shhhh) and so did dance classes- which i didnt realize how much id missed. schools going great- i thought i failed my history quiz, but she curved it 25 points, so i actually got a B+, which is fine with me! and my other classes are way easier than i expected them to be… pshh, who said all that stuff about junior year being so hard? lol. i still havent found anywhere to take drivers ed- which means ill be taking it in the spring- which means i wont be getting my lisence til june, but thats ok considering that i have no car or anywhere to drive to anyway, and robby will havve his lisence, so thats already too many drivers and too few cars in the house without me adding to the mix 🙂

not too much else is new, life has been awesome lately, im so lucky!! nothing to complain about, nothing to worry about… mmmmmm happiness 🙂

love you all!
“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest, waiting for others to come to you; you have to go to them sometimes.”

have a nice week, everyone! let me know how youre doing, i miss you all!! hope youre doing as well as i am!