My title actually has nothing to do with this entry, but i just realized that the next time i post, school, drivers ed (hopefully), and dance will have started- if not even more (youth group, play rehearsals etc.) CRAZINESS!! summers over… its been good- i was gone for most of it, and maybe i should have been here, but i had a great time where i was, and NOW i’m here, so yeah. onto whats been going on these past two weeks… oh yeah, i know its monday and i post on tuesdays, but im bored today and i may have things to do tomorrow, so i figure nothing important is scheduled to happen tonight (lol), so i’ll just post today. but dont worry, i wont make a habit out of it.

God has decided that i need some very tangible evidence of his existence, love, and plan for my life this past week. two examples:

I was in the grocery store on Saturday? maybe it was friday… anyway, i was there because of some apparently heinous crime i committed (i have no idea what) that condemned me to an evening in the supermarket with my mother. if you know me, you know this is not going to be a party. so me and mom are in the produce section, im doing nothing helpful while she looks for a good bag of apples, so i just start pushing the cart aimlessly around, and i’m somewhere near the carrots when a girl probably about my age but with some kind of mental problem, walks past me, and i just smile at her, expecting her to keep walking by. instead, she asks me what my name is, and i tell her it’s rachel and she says her name is carly. then she walks over next to me, tells me “i know! you need a hug,” which i pretty much did, but i was stinking freaked out about it, and after the hug she takes a step back, and asks me if i have a mommy (which i thought was strange since she was shopping with her father but anyway) to which i said “yes, shes right over there” (points), and carly, who barely glances at my mother, looks at me and says, i am not making this up, “be nice to her. she needs you.” i basically stared at her open mouthed as she walked over to my mom, asks her what HER name is, my mom sort of laughs, expecting her to just go away, and when she realizes taht she wont, hesitatingly says “kim”. then the girl points to me and says “she’s special, and she matters to me.” my mom stopped in her apple searching tracks and stared at me- as if she expected me to admit that i’d put carly up to it. it was weird. me and mom didnt talk the rest of the grocery trip or car ride home- radio shows are great things.
some of you may have no idea why this was such a strange encounter… basically, you can ask, but chances are i’m not going to tell you 🙂

God moment number 2 for the week i’m doing to sum up in a few words, because this post is getting long.
I got a letter from God. in the mail. no return address, signed “Love, God” it was… very strange, but the things said were very true…

anyway, in other news. my nail polish is chipping, just 1 week after my manicure. poo monkeys. but my hair is much blonder than it was (it’s been what, 8 months since i got my highlights done? lol). i finally got a tan, which i know is bad for my skin (especially because of yeah lol) but makes me happy nonetheless. hmm what else is new… really not busy week coming up- the only thing on my schedule is a doctors appointment thursday morning that may determine a lot of how this year is going to be… so ill let you know how that goes.

and the last bit of news: apparently kyle is home. i have not heard from him. today is our anniversary. i’m thinking… that we may not be going out anymore by the time school starts. i dont know how i feel about this.

anyway. poohism!! this one explains how i can smile ALL the time, always be happy etc. i TOTALLY identify with eeyore 🙂
“One can’t complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday.” ~Eeyore

love to all!
ps sorry for the long entry, and sorry i havent posted about camp yet, someone remind me and i will next time!!