… because ill be gone for the next 7 weeks. i’ll miss you all, and you can write to me (talk to me if you want the address). but meanwhile, so much has happened over the past two weeks im not sure ill be able to remember it all and put it all in here!!

ok, here we go.
On Friday after our last day of classes, i spent the entire afternoon at erikas house after spending 10th period outside with kyle. anyway, we took a million awesome pictures in her grass (check them out at her xanga. and we wathced freaky friday/ kate and leopold (dont ask) and went on myspace and ordered pizza and played with the cat and did kristas hair BEAUTIFULLY and just had a grand old time

Then, i had my dance recital last saturday, and it went really well, our costume was incredibly COMFY!! anyway, so my parents and brothers came, and kyle had wanted to come, but there were no more tickets. so i told him he couldnt. apparently that wasnt good enough for him, cuz he proceeded to ask jess hurley (whos mom does ticket sales basically) if she could get him a ticket, and sure enough, she could. but they decided to surprise me and not tell me. so after the recital, i find my parents, and who should be there with them than my boyfriend! he bought me flowers and jelly beans and, best of all, MADE me a bouquet of silk flowers. it was amazing, and i was so happy he was there and SOOO surprised, and then we went out to starbucks ffor an hour or so and then he went home

This week has been all finals, but thankfully so far i think ive done really well, and the rest of my finals should be pretty easy. so im pretty lucky, considering how little i studied. good luck to allk of you taking finals now!!

next friday i leave on an epic adventure to visit 12 colleges in 8 days, plus about a billion relatives. in north carolina. but i do like car trips (no sarcasm, i really do) so i should be ok. and i get back from that on saturday night and leave for camp at around 7 on sunday morning. no, i dont know how laundry is going to get done, but i PROMISE you it will, lol

and just as a prayer request, my wrist has been bothering me again, and the doctors dont know whats going on. and i really dont want to have to wear/ bring my splint to camp, so please pray that it would heal mucho quickly. thanks 🙂

and id just like to shout out a happy birthday to a lovely lady who (i think) is in spain right now and therefore prolly wont notice this, but happy birthday laudi!!

oh, and as a return to the making- fun- of- people- who- dont- read- their- subs thing, SOMA doesnt read her subscriptions 🙂 wow this has been a long entry, heres your poohism!!

“Christopher Robin came down from the Forest to the Bridge, feeling all sunny and careless, and just as if twice nineteen didn’t matter a bit, as it didn’t on such a happy afternoon, and he though that if he stood on the bottom rail of the bridge, and leant over, and watched the river slipping slowly away beneath him, then he would suddenly know everything that there was to be known.”

have a lovely summer all!!!
let me know your plans!!