my my my this year has flown by. i cant believe its been 14 days since my last post!! summer will be here so fast, and much as i want to go to camp, i wish summer were farther away (dont shoot me!)

hillary dear, kyle’s going to kill me, but the answer to your question is yes. a little after ive told everyone else, but yes. because, here goes, kyle asked me out on sunday. haha, you didnt see that one coming did you? but i wont see him for 9 weeks this summer, and… hence the reluctance.

so its been a wonderful two weeks, and for those of you who dont know kyle, you wish you did, hes the kind of kid that dads want their daughters to go out with … my dad even approves lol. he’s nice and polite, one of the most talkative teenage boys there is, he’s honest and sweet, and i think he really likes me . and, he’s officially exactly 7 and 3/4 inches taller than me. oh well, i think i can deal with that.

im so happy… and i LOVE this weather!! how much nicer does it get? my goodness, god is good! i love this time of year! did i say i was happy already heehee?

love you all!!!!!!!