what is it? 16 more days of classes? sweet. 2 more weeks of dance and im done with that for this year- i’ll miss it 😦 oh and erika, call me cuz early registration for dance classes is starting. anywho, whats new with me? i dont really know, life is very happy right now, as usual . i was afraid i wouldnt like the high school, and now as the year is wrapping up, i’m realizing i had it all wrong. i have so many new friends, and so many old friends. some of the people im now best friends with i would never have met or even noticed if we hadnt been in so many of the same classes… i love school. i love life, todays a happy day, except that the cafeteria closed before i could get my cookies. and i discovered that xanga has REALLY COOL SMILEYS!!!!!

hmmmm what else is new- im not very good at this am i? oh well. ooh i have an idea! karen introduced me last week to figuring out who’s subscribed to me. i would say about half of those peeps obviously dont read my xanga, but just to make sure, i think i should say their names randomly in the middle of a xanga post every week and see if they notice… hee hee. so if you know you’re subscribed to me and NEVER comment and dont want your name in the middle of a xanga post, i suggest you comment me this week . but one lucky winner gets her name right here: CORI POLEY. start reading your subscriptions chica, love you!

alrighty, i dont think i have anything else to say… and i should be doing the math homework because my final is on friday! eegads! i love that word hee hee.

“Poetry and Hums aren’t things which you get, they’re things which get you. And all you can do is to go where they can find you.”