Yes indeed, my friends, i should be studying for the AP test, but, sadly, am not. Sorry. Anywho, here’s the answers to your questions:
Karen, i did not know that you read my blog, but am happy to welcome you to the family! My favorite type of cheese is Brie (that soft stuff with the edible rind that you put on crackers). And, you can ask another question if youd like, since you didnt ask two

Jackie Su, i dont know what i want to be when i grow up. Depends on a lot of things, but probably a teacher of some sort… at least thats what i think right now- however i have a lot of growing up to do before i am grown up, and god has a plan for all of that!! woohoo
and i dont like snapple, so thats an easy one- you can also ask a different question if you like- not related to friday night preferably, but i did say you could ask anything, so i guess thats up to you 🙂

Hillary Moss- I dont like the word crush. Pick a different word and ill answer your question. Crush makes me think of shoving people into boxes- im not sure why lol.
5 people on a desert island- hmm, well i have to say you since you asked, and i feel like i have to say everyone else who reads my xanga or theyll be offended. But honestly, i’d prolly bring most of you guys anyway, its hard to pick just 5!

Whoever from camp asked (prolly nay) you were only supposed to get two questions! just kidding, ill answer them all :). First of all, i LOVE going to camp because it is a break from the real world where i can spend time with some of my best friends, make new friends, and grow closer to god. i also love the outdoors, and the time away from the stresses from life.

Now the counselor question is really unfair- but i guess not many of them read my xanga :). I’d pick… laudi still, wren still, steller, indigo, and maybe hawke? i dont know who id pick for the 5th one… maybe ceegee, but she does crafts now. anyway, and id want soma to be cilt coordinator, and i like sage as the dd 🙂 But thats just the counselors off the top of my head, so anyone who i didnt say i LOVE YOU 🙂

My favorite winnie the pooh character is probably Pooh himself- he understands life on a deeper yet simpler level than the rest of us, and he’s very cute. Bears have always held a special place in my heart :).

AUNT JACK!!! Oh, my, you read my xanga? and erika… doesnt? lol. anyway… para la cena… yo quiero comer un taco… pero, no me gusta los tacos que son (o estan?) picantes. Y, es obvio que mi tia favorita es mi tia Jack. Y para los pobres que no conoce a tia jack, el es un maestro de espanol en una escuela secondaria, y es el padre de mi mejor amiga, erika 🙂

And krista, that wasnt really a question, but yes, haha your daddy 🙂

“A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.”

i like the question game, feel free to keep playing!

oh and talk on my chatterbox sillies!