yes that’s right, my title is correct, my parents have left the state of new york and are vacationing in… georgia. of all places. i miss them :(. anywho, for me, this means NOT that i shall have ANY parties or break ANY normal rules whilst they are gone, but that my very good friend dianne lee will get to stay and “babysit” me and my brothers! how sweet is that? last night we stayed up sort of late and watched this movie called Murderball. i dont really recommend it, it had awful language, but it was about these paraplegics who play paralympic rugby. it was so interesting to learn about them, because their lives are so different from ours. one guy had broken his neck because he was thrown out of the bed of a pickup truck, that was being driven by one of his friends, into a creek where he held onto a branch and they didnt find him for 14 hours. can you imagine? i cant

anyways, life is amazing as usual right now, gods really giving me the friends i need right now and he is so good. he knows exactly what i need and when, it makes me wonder why i continue to worry? he’ll provide, always.

in other news, we got a new song in band that’s very irish and VERY stuck in my head right now. its some sort of jig that was apparently played in the movie “titanic” but i cant think of when. i didnt recognize the tune.

ooh ooh i thought of something to say! im reading this amazing book i HIGHLY recommend it to all of you, its called mountains beyond mountains, this is the third time ive read it, i love it. its about this guy paul farmer, and its a memoir. really, youll love it.

and none of you noticed that i didnt post last week. this makes me think that i shall start posting every other week now, as i really dont have that much to say anyways. and i still really like last weeks poohism, so please read it again because it is so very happy, but heres an additional one for ya:

Still with his eyes on the world Christopher Robin put out a hand and felt for Pooh’s paw….

have a wonderful week all, and be sure to let me know how youre doing!