Hello World!
Happy TUESDAY!!! 🙂
hope you all have had a wonderful week off… mine was just perfect.
and i made a nohari and johari window… if youre only going to do one, do the nohari one:

my wrist is feeling much much better, thank goodness, and everything went really well today! i got into a little baby itshy bitshy fight with one of my friends on friday, but we’re all made up and back to normal now. the only sad thing to report today is that im afraid my manicure has died. it appears to be almost entirely gone on my right hand.

the heros of the week this week are… EMMA HUGHES!!! for showing up so very unexpectedly in church on sunday and having a nice conversation with me 🙂
KYLE GODDEN!!! for showing up so very unexpectedly at my house on friday and saving me from jon michael, who had a gun, in my basement. if you know jon michael, you will know why i needed saving.

and last but not least, the weekly poohism:
Nobody can be un-cheered with a balloon.

remember that this week, if you or someone you know is feeling uncheered, feel free to give them a balloon. it helps, really.
love to all!!